Applied the innovative technology, NANOBRICK offers new nano materials and applications.


Inspired by the nano formation of mother nature,
NANOBRICK has developed six core nano technologies.

Core Technologies of Active NANO-PLATFORM

NANOBRICK has acquired six core nano technologies, inspired by mother nature.
The Company has developed innovative nano materials: the color changeable photonic crystal nano technology was developed by applying chameleon’s color formation according to the surrounding and the transmittance nano technology was motivated by implementing a camouflage way of octopus.
The Company has endured endless innovation effort of R&D to accomplish new nano technologies that can be controlled by the external magnetic or electrical signal to change in color, pattern and transparency. Therefore, the Company has obtained various intellectual properties in Korea and overseas.

  • MTX

    The Magnetically Color Changeable Photonic Crystal (MTX) material allows to change various colors by the magnetic field.
    The core technology of NANOBRICK is designed for formed nanoparticles by photonic crystal that allows to carry out full colors in accordance with the intensity of the magnetic field along with a method of array and distance adjustment.

  • MPD

    Magnetophoretic Device Material (MPD) technology applies to make flexible and elastic polymer capsules that contain uniformly dispersed magnetic nano particles in fluid. This materials can be manufactured in a writable and erasable flexible film that can replace conventional white board or black board. This environmental friendly material is suitable for clean rooms because it does not generate any dusts or harmful substances.

  • SPM

    Superparamagnetic (SPM) material upholds strong magnetic properties only when magnetic field presences. This technology enables to separate and purify targeted substances by applying targeted functional group evenly coated on the surface of nanoparticles.

  • ETX

    ETX is an electrically tunable photonic crystal material technology that contains dispersed nanoparticles which are finely controlled by the electrical signal to display variable colors in all areas of visible light.

  • EPD

    EPD is electrophoretic displayable material technology that controls uniformly dispersed nanoparticles of low dielectric medium with different colors. Depending on the external power signal, charged nanoparticles with different colors move to the top or bottom of the fluid to convey the corresponding color.

  • ETD

    ETD is developed based on an electrophoresis principle to control transmittance by the external electrical signal. This innovative technology enables negatively charged black nanoparticles in a transparent fluid to control the position of nanoparticles to change the level of transparency by the electrical signal.


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NANOBRICK values and regards
VOC as the topmost priority.

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