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Security Group FAQ

  • Q1. What is your core competitiveness compared to other anti-counterfeit products?

    A. Generally, the technologies for the anti-counterfeiting market are adopting hologram, fluorescent ink, RFID, barcode, QR code, etc. However, as these technologies have been around in the market for a long time, some issues have arisen in terms of security and verification of technologies; so, the needs for new anti-counterfeit solution is increasing. Our genuine verification solution, on the other hand, has distinctive characteristics as follows:

    1. Unparalleled Security:
    The common technologies for the anti-counterfeiting that are already widely used in the market considered as part of simple design, packaging and function rather than anti-counterfeiting technology. However, our innovative security products are featured innovative nano materials of MTX (magnetically color tunable photonic crystal technology)

    2. Easy Verification:
    Basically consumers have difficulties to distinguish genuine and counterfeit products with hologram, fluorescent ink, QR code, etc. and a technology like RFID requires a separate inspection device. On the other hand, our security solution has the advantage that anyone can easily verify genuine products by using nearby magnets (i.e. magnets form cell phone or lab top computer or rubber magnet).

  • Q2. What is the method of the genuine verification?

    A. The innovative MTX technology is the IP-patent nano material that changes color by the magnetic field and is applicable to various substrates including label, flexible packaging film, card, paper, etc. By placing a magnet on printed material, colors and patterns can be materialized by the type or intensity of magnet. The magnetically color tunable photonic crystal material is the technology-driven material that can be manufactured only by the Company in the world. Because of a very low possibility of duplication, a nano material applied product that changes color or pattern by a magnet is verified as genuine.

  • Q3. May I perform a genuine verification without a magnet?

    A. Nano material of NANOBRICK is a photonic crystal material that changes color by the magnetic filed. Therefore, a magnet is of essence. However, you can utilize magnets that are not specified but easily found in a daily life near you such as a magnet of speaker or camera embedded in smart phone or labtop, an advertising or decorative rubber magnet.

  • Q4. What is the difference between genuine verification solution, M-TAG and genuine packaging solution, M-PAC among the security product group?

    A. The genuine verification solution is a group of security products with magnetically color tunable nano material implemented in sticker form and flexible packaging form. M-TAG is applicable to various products after finishing packaging and apply as a security sticker whereas M-PAC is used directly when processing a flexible packaging film for those manufacturers who need a mass production for a single product.

  • Q5. How can I ensure M-TAG or M-PAC to prevent reuse as the genuine verification?

    A. M-TAG is a genuine verification solution by applying magnets on nano material that activate to change color or pattern.
    If a sticker is removed (detached), millions of macro-capsules embedded in the film will be destroyed and therefore color or pattern will not change when applying a magnet. If you want visually to check whether the label is removed or not, you can apply an additional security unction to know whether the attached label remains close or open.
    On the other hand, the genuine verification solution directly printed on the flexible packaging film, M-PAC is impossible to reuse it without damaging the product packaging film.

  • Q6. Where are the new nano materials produced and managed?

    A. The entire manufacturing of new nano materials are taking place at the headquarters of NANOBRICK in Pyongtack City and it is controlled and managed seamlessly by the high security management system.
    Only authorized personnel can excess to the manufacturing site and each and every transit processes of materials and products are recorded and tracked until the final delivery is completed.

  • Q7. Is it possible to purchase the security products personally?

    A. Because of its high security purpose, the new nano materials and applications are not sold to individual consumers but to corporate customers only. When you have any questions on our products, please contact the sales representative at and we will contact you promptly. Thank you.

  • Q8. Is it possible to purchase the security materials?

    A. As the magnetic color tunable photonic crystal materials for the security manufactured only by the Company, we supply the materials by the contract with few strategic partners. If you have any inquiries regarding business cooperation with us, please contact us at and we will contact you directly. Thank you.


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