MPD: Magnetophoretic Display Material



Magnetophoretic Display Material

Magnetophoretic Device Material (MPD) technology applies to make flexible and elastic polymer capsules that contain uniformly dispersed magnetic nano particles in fluid.
This materials can be manufactured in a writable and erasable flexible film that can replace conventional white board or black board.

It is made with two different color particles in micro capsules; so, when writing with a magnetic pen, it presents a high resolution and a clear contrast ratio just like writing on plain paper.

  • *Technical description

  • Composition of MPD

  • Working Principle of MPD

When produced as a film type, due to changes in the viscosity and composition of the fluid in encapsulated ink, the stability and time of the maintenance (dual stability) will be controlled.
So, it holds the permanent dual stability that apply to produce a product holds the image until erasing by the magnet completely while other product erases the image naturally disappearing over the time.

Applicable Product

  • Portable Idea Book

  • Multi White Board

  • Academic White Board

Applicable Sector

  • Education

  • Interior

  • Clean Room