M-SecuPrint: Security Material Product


M-SecuPrint is the world’s first color tunable nano materials by the intensity of the magnetic signal and it upholds unlimited prospective to grow into various areas like the security and living science fields, including the brand authentication solution for securing product reliability, security packaging solution, molding material, etc.
This innovative nano material, M-SecuPrint was developed by applying the key technology of NANOBRIC, MTX (Magnetically Color Changeable Photonic Crystal) technology that has registered and protected by the Korean and international patents. The magnetically color or pattern changeable nano material was equipped with dispersed nano particles that can control a wavelength and particle distance. NANOBRICK has achieved the stable ramp up process technology for the mass production capability.




Color and pattern changes according to different magnet form

Applicable Sector

  • Anti-counterfeiting matieral

  • Security Label

  • Passport Authentication

    Passport Authentication

  • Security Card

    Security Card

  • Security Molding Material

    Security Molding Material

  • Security Packaging Material