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M-Bead: Bio Separation and Purification


M-Bead is specifically developed to separate and purify specific substances such as protein, DNA, nitric acid, cesium, etc. quickly and simply by the magnetic field using coated high functional group on uniformed nanoparticles.
NANOBRICK has established the mass production capability to manufacture the cost effective high performance product.

  • M-Bead Product in customized quantity

  • Target substance separation process by M-Bead Product


Product Specification
M-Bead-OH – Surface hydroxyl groups
– Particle size [nm] : 100 ~ 1000
– Negative surface charge at pH 7.0
M-Bead-NH2 – Surface amine groups
– Particle size [nm] : 100 ~ 1000
– Positive surface charge at pH 7.0
M-Bead-COOH – Surface carboxyl groups
– Particle size [nm] : 100 ~ 1000
– Negative surface charge at pH 7.0

Purification Comparison

Category Spin Column Method Magnetic Bead Method
Equipment Spin column for Centrifuge Machine Magnetic
Time More than 30 minutes Less than 10 minutes
Scale Need various scale and kind of spin column Simply increase the quantity of Bead
Equipment Automation Possible but need centrifuge machine or vacuum pumps (Increase Equipment footprint) To process various samples in a short time (Decrease equipment footprint)

Applicable Sector

  • Diagnostic Kit

  • New Drug Development

  • Water and Soil Purification