Functional Group

M-Spectra: Magnetically Functional Skin (Marking Material)


M-Spectra is designed to visualize its color or pattern by controlling various external magnetic signals. This innovative nano-material based film is applicable to magnetically functional devices and equipment, including medical equipment such as MRI, home appliances such as induction cooking devices, audio speakers, and many other devices that make use of magnetic parts.



Category Specification
Sheet type Film size (mm) 600 x 500, 297 x 210, Customized
Color change range Orange to Dark Blue
Film thickness (µm) 150 ~ 200
Heat resistance test 75℃, 48H
Contant temperature and humidity test 60℃ / 80%, 48H
Outdoor exposure test 48H

Applicable Sector

  • Kitchen Appliance: Induction

  • Living Science: Audio Speaker

  • Medical Equipment: MRI