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M-PuriKit: DNA Purification Kit



M-PuriKit is the specialized bio product to extract a plasmid DNA from a bacterial cultured solution that is the best way to extract high performance plasmid in fastest and easiest way.

By applying magnetic nano beads to existing alkaline solution, it aims to separate and remove the pure DNA quickly from the cell residuals without using a general centrifugation method. In addition, the product can adjust the extraction capacity (mini, midi, maxi, etc.) of the plasmid DNA by adjusting the volume of the magnetic nano beads and the buffer.

Extraction Process of Plasmid DNA



Category Mini Midi Maxi
Culture Volume 1~10 ML 20~50 ML 20~50 ML
Preparation Time < 15 min. < 15 min. < 15 min.
Elution Volume 50 ul 250 ul 250 ul
Expected DNA Yield Max. 45 ug Max. 450 ug Max. 450 ug
Expected DNA Purity 1.8 < A260/280

Applicable Sector

  • PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)

    PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)

  • Gene Replication

  • Gene Sequencing