ETX: Electrically Tunable Photonic Crystal Material



Electrically Tunable Photonic Crystal Material

ETX is an electrically tunable photonic crystal material technology that is applicable to dispersed nanoparticles which are finely controlled by the electrical signal to display variable colors in all areas of visible light.

The conventional full-color implementations require a complicated process structure that combined three or more materials to implement colors; however, NANOBRICK has developed the world’s first ETX technology that is a photonic crystal based reflective nano material by the external electric field capable of materializing full-color effect close to natural color in one pixel. This technology is registered and secured by the worldwide intellectual property right.

  • * Technical description

  • Color Variable Modification by ETX Material

  • Color Change Control by the Electric Field


  • Uniform particle size

  • High surface charge

  • High dispersion stability

  • Mass production

  • Full spectrum change

Applicable Product

  • Color Changeable Skim for IT Application

  • Color Tunable Interior Tile

  • Color Tunable Smart Window

Applicable Sector

  • Electronic Appliance

  • Architectural Window

  • Interior Material