EPD: Electrophoretic Display Material



Electrophoretic Display Material

EPD is an electrophoretic displayable material technology that controls uniformly dispersed nanoparticles of low dielectric medium with different colors. Depending on the external power signal, charged nanoparticles with different colors move to the top or bottom of the fluid to convey the corresponding color.

This innovative material technology, EPD material can save energy using ultra-low voltage and can maintain its color even in the absence of current. This EPD material brings a clearer view under sunlight and outstanding sensitive colors by dual mode tones.

  • * Technical description

  • EPD Micro Capsule

  • EPD Principle

Applicable Product

  • Sensitive Skin of IT Appliance

  • ESL: Electric Shelf Label

  • Traffic Signage

Applicable Sector

  • Electronic and IT Appliance

  • Distribution

  • Transportation