We will initiate our first and foremost effort to become an innovative company
that creates value by pursuing “Innovation Beyond Imaginatio.”

Warmest welcome to NANOBRICK.

As inspired by mother nature, NANOBRICK has developed a method of nano structure formation leading to develop the new nano materials that change color, pattern and transmittance by external signals like chameleons and octopuses. Globally recognized new nano material technology is the foundation of various materials and application products through the ACTIVE NANO-PLATFORM and expanding a domain in security, financial, bio technology and various functional areas.

NANOBRICK has pursued continuous R&D efforts to become an innovative company that always aims to achieve innovation beyond its imagination since the foundation. Therefore, we have secured more than 150 worldwide intellectual property rights among various patents and other IP applications. In 2015, we have proved the marketability of our technology by launching the genuine authentication solution based on magnetically color tunable photonic crystal material for the first time in the security industry and we will seamlessly develop superior products that will enhance customer value in the future.

All members of NANOBRICK uphold the slogan of Innovation Beyond Imagination to accomplish an innovative company that pursues the fruitful outcome by infusing best efforts and execution. In the company of our customers’ growth, we will emphasize all our efforts to foster a great company that grows together as a member of our society.

I would like to ask for your continuous interest and encouragement on a NANOBRICK’s growing step forward for future.
Thank you very much.

Dr. James (Jae Hyun) Joo